A letter from the Editor to you, the reader.

A Credo, Motto, and Disclaimer 

This web site is a result of many years of successful consumption of oysters without any illness or significant accident. This publication is a product of reading numerous books, visiting research laboratories, hatcheries, sea farms, seafood markets, and restaurants both in the U.S. and abroad. The world of oysters has been a source of great pleasure and yes, joy. That is why I freely share my experience with you. 

I have neither the medical nor scientific background to advise you about whether or not you should consume them, cooked or raw. There are many other good resources online and elsewhere on the subject of food safety. You should not consume a substance as food with any doubts about its health or yours. Eating shellfish has been proven to be dangerous. Many people are allergic to them. I have met many people who cannot eat oysters.

Each person (and each oyster) is unique. If an oyster has any perceived flaws, smells bad, or tastes strange, I reject it - no matter how embarrassing that act may be. I keep my oysters on ice from the moment I receive them until the moment I consume them. I only buy oysters from people that I determine are knowledgeable about what they are selling. I rely upon others to test the oysters for disease and keep them from being sold or taken wild. I avoid oysters from unknown sources or that are "wild" and washed up on the beach.

The more I know, the more I enjoy the result. A healthy oyster is a delicacy to be savored. It deserves to be shucked well and served cold.  An unhealthy oyster should not be in your mouth, in your hand, on your plate, or in your home. Oyster aficionados must seek out the healthy ones. Oysters are brainless, sessile, filter feeders; they are stationary and rely upon humans for a means of transportation. Enjoy the hunt!

Thank you for your kind attention.  

Best regards, 

Richard D. Rush                                                                                         

Author and Publisher