The Oyster Aficionado Online Course Exam

Record your answers to the following True-False questions. Number them in sequence and send them by e-mail to Oyster Aficionado at [email protected]  Use T or F.

  1. All of our Crassostrea virginica oysters have a characteristic blue or brown scar where the abductor muscle attaches to its shell.
  2. Only edible oysters are bivalves.
  3. The hinge that allows an edible oyster to open and close is called the ligament.
  4. An oyster uses nacre from its mantle to make pearls.
  5. Early in life, the sex of a virginica oyster alternates periodically.
  6. The oysters native to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of Maine are the same species.
  7. The Japanese native oysters have been successfully farmed in Japan and many other countries worldwide.
  8. The rules for the Galway International Oyster Opening Championship assure that oyster presentation quality is preserved along with shucking speed.
  9. After leaving the hatchery, a farmed oyster must rely upon farmers to feed them.
  10. All oyster knives are designed to employ the same shucking strategy.